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Feb 8

Anger from a student


It’s students’ voices like this that makes my work even more important. All students should feel supported!

Concise and moving piece from a first gen student attending an exclusive college.

…No one told me about the anger I’d feel when 90% of my class raises their hand when the professor asks who has visited country x, y, and z when I’ve never left the country.  Or how frustrating it feels to have to check my bank account before every purchase while my classmates receive money week after week from parents’ seemingly bottomless bank accounts.  The anger that springs up when I’m searching for a summer internship because they’re all unpaid and I don’t have enough experience for the paid ones because I spend my summers working… 

Feb 7


Oh Portlandia. Thanks for making fun of helicopter parents for me. 

Feb 2

Study: How College Students Manage Technology While in the Library during Crunch Time

If Professors Stop Lecturing, Will Students Stop Checking Facebook?


You might think that students taking classes with some of the world’s most prestigious academics wouldn’t spend lecture time checking their Facebook profiles. But it turns out that Harvard students have a pretty tough time disconnecting from the web. Harvard Crimson staff writer Hemi H. Gandhi writes that Facebook use in Harvard classes “has become so ubiquitous that no one even questions it”—not even professors.

When Gandhi asked his fellow students why they use Facebook in class, they told him they turn to the site because “a professor starts regurgitating exactly what they’ve read in the textbook; paying attention won’t clarify confusion; a professor starts on a random tangent that is neither interesting nor relevant; [they] need a break to re-focus; [or they] feel pressed for time and decide to multitask.”

Because “Harvard students are generally pragmatic and hyper-concerned about maximizing their Return On Time Investment,” Gandhi writes, they log onto the site (which, of course, was founded at their university in 2003). Besides, he says, students no longer have to pay attention to the professor’s lecture to learn the subject matter because “much of knowledge has become commoditized on the web.” To solve the problem, Gandhi believes professors must “start thinking of themselves as service providers who must constantly innovate to serve students better.” 

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Student Debt in the United States. 


Student Debt in the United States. 

The first murmurings of the “Chilean Winter” came in in late May with the first takeover of a public school. Five months later, around 200 state elementary and high schools as well as a dozen universities have now been occupied by students. Weekly protest marches gather between 50,000-100,000 students throughout the nation, with especially large turnouts in coastal cities of Valparaiso and Concepcion. Charismatic student leader Camila Vallejo - known as Comandante Camila - has become a cult hero across Latin America. Initially, the protestors’s demands for free universal education was flatly rejected by the conservative administration of president Sebastian Pinera, but the government is now moving incrementally towards meeting their demands.


Chilean girls stage ‘occupation’ of their own school in education rights protest

Doing it right.

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